2017 left us in a jiffy and kept dropping hints along the way that the English language is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Here’s helping you keep up to speed with what has changed in the internet world.

1. Fam

The slang you use for your closest friends, as if they were related by blood just like your ‘family’.

2. Lit

Highly amusing! Also: Drunk.

3. Thicc

A curvy, hourglass figure.

4. Woke

A well-informed, well-aware person.

5. Stan

A fan who’s also a stalker.

6. Shook

To leave in shock or utter surprise.

7. Goals

Not necessarily life goals but a certain level of aspirational material goals.

8. AF

Full for “As Fuck”, which means “extremely”!

9. Savage

Blunt in terms of talking. Killing with words / sarcasm.

10. Ded

Read: Dead. Something so funny that you could die laughing.

11. Ship

To support a real life / celebrity pair as a couple even if they really aren’t together but it would be perfect if they were.

12. Extra

Someone who does over-the-top things.

 13. Done

Fed up of the same old.

 14. Low-key

Secretly, without the notice of others. Or a tad bit.

 15. 100

Deserving full marks.

Which ones did we miss? Tell us in the comments below.

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