Seriously! How many times have you eaten out and ordered Garlic Bread as one of the side orders / tiny bites / appetizers? Get out of your comfort zone and let loose. Try these cheese and bread preparations that are not Garlic Bread (for God’s sake!)

1. Classic Grilled Cheese

This one is so simple and basic, even Shanta Bai can make it.

Source: The Spruce

2. Pull Apart Bread

There’s herbs, spices, meat, and obviously bread and cheese in this one!

Source: My Food Tapestry

3. French Toast

Add fruits in these, veggies or even meat. This one is versatile and definitely not garlic bread with cheese.

Source: Food to Love

4. Chilli Corn Cheese Toast

Add the said ingredients and add some more. Kick away that cheesy garlic bread, this one is here to stay and will never let you go.

Source: YouTube

5. Pane Bianco

This one has tomato, basil, pepper, cheese and much, much more going into it that you won’t be able to resist.

Source: King Arthur Flour

6. Khachapuri

This Gregorian-style cheese bread is only complete when topped with an egg yolk that watches you until you give in and devour it till its core.

Source: Lady and Pups

7. Cheese Bombs

Who doesn’t love the sudden burst of molten cheese in their mouths! This is one of those.

Source: Averie Cooks

8. Bread Bowls

You know you can add anything in a bread bowl that can be eaten with that bread. But have you tried making things cheesy? Make them the cheesiest you have, yet, with this mac & cheese bread bowl.

Source: That Was Vegan?

9. Pão de queijo

This Brazilian cheese bread is either devoured as a snack or as breakfast and is freshly baked everyday in most households.

Source: Saga

10. Cheesy Chicken Sliders

These easy-peasy chicken cheesy sliders are way better than your garlic bread and maybe even keema pav.

Source: The Weary Chef

11. Mushroom Cheese Bruschettas

How did you not know a better alternative to cheese garlic bread, yet?

Source: Bear Naked Food

12. Cloud Bread Pizza

This light and soft bread, topped with your favourite toppings can disguise itself into the next wonder of the world.

Source: 360 Family Nutrition

13. Cheese Straws

Just your regular and favourite bread and cheese in bitable form.

Source: YouTube

14. Braided Pesto Bread

Raid the bread with pesto and braid it to perfection. Now top it with cheese and bake it. Once it’s ready, it is time to dive in and devour this braided-beauty!

Source: Pinterest

15. Loaded Flatbread

Call it pizza or flatbread, the change in name won’t change the taste of this beautiful cheesy bread creation.

Source: Butter Your Biscuit

With the world having a plethora of offerings in the form of cheese and bread, are you now convinced enough to ditch that old-ass garlic bread?

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