Want to know what is the secret to a happy relationship? Love, trust, care, and the list goes on….. lets cut the crap and come straight to the point! A happy relationship is fueled by what happens between the sheets and behind closed doors! You got the hang of it right? Some point in life we have all been a bunch of clueless teenagers with blazing hormones and didn’t know how to control it. Then we started adulting and gradually losing the massive appetite we had for this most mystical process of reproduction. Erm! Or lets just say we hit a dry spell. Well! We know what that feels like and we got you the most amazing and au natural way of spicing up your most dormant sex life in a jiffy!

Ever heard of Aphrodisiac food? No? Okay! Let us educate you a little about it. Aphrodisiac food helps in building up the libido. Not instantly! Hell no! It is not Maggi for heaven’s sake! But eventually!

We listed down every food item that can help you spice up your life and make your partner happy!

1. Oysters

We know! We know! Not everyone has the taste for seafood specially when it is raw, but oysters are a great source of zinc, which apparently makes your body respond well to all sorts of touch! Ummm. Yeah!

2. Avocado

Avocado has become everyone’s favourite food item to eat ever since they found out it’s the good kind of fat and actually helps in weight loss. But did you know it also helps to stimulate your inner God or Goddess? 😉

3. Chilli Pepper

This will spice up your palette and your life between the sheets like never before! Go try it! Eating chilli pepper releases endorphins and increases the heart rate, which can definitely lead to other wonderful things.

4. Garlic

We know it smells awful and you would preferably use it to scare away the ghosts of your past experiences. If you know what we mean! 😛 But this one is all about winning in bed or in life we guess!

5. Almonds

Almonds will help you grow your memory and your sexual appetite at the same time. Munch on them leisurely whenever and where ever.

6. Honey

This is the holy grail of all the nectars in the world! Use honey to please your honey, maybe? Also! Don’t hate on us for being lame.

7. Coconut Water

This is our most favourite drink! We don’t care about fresh fruit juices! All we care about is this amazingly refreshing drink which will leave you feeling as good as new in EVERY possible way. We would like to put more emphasis on “EVERY”.

8. Watermelon

Watermelons are our favourite type of melons! We know its a task to eat it with all the seeds, but do it for the sake of seeking pleasure!

9. Chocolate

We never met anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. Specially when its dark and yummy! (Exactly how we like our men!) JK! We know nothing about that! Because we are good girls and we don’t interact with strange, good-looking men! But try it!

10. Vanilla

Its not just one of the most expensive and the most amazing spice in the whole wide world! It is also known for its certain properties, which turns you into a GODDESS!!!! Plus point! It smells heavenly.

11. Asparagus

In ancient times, asparagus was considered to stimulate the testosterones in men. That answers your question why this one item is a part of this list.

12. Red Wine

This one had to be here! Alcohol in general helps one loosen up and feel more confident. But, red wine with its fancy look and taste gets our attention and wins a place in this list!

13. Pomegranate

The seeds of this fruit are known for improving blood flow, which automatically helps in improving the flow of other hormones in our body. Silly! Go have one right away!

14. Basil

Source: Food Facts

If we had to sell Basil as a product then we would call it the herb of Aphrodite! Improving our food and libido like never before!

15. Cinnamon

We left the best for the last! Consumption of cinnamon releases dopamine or the feel good hormone, which in return helps you and your partner in keeping the flame alive in bed!

Hope this helps each one of you in being the sexy beast that you are! Also have safe sex cus STDs’ ain’t cool bro!

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