No matter where we go, we just cannot leave our Indian-ness behind 😛 Good or bad, you decide. But if not anything, it’s definitely funny and sometimes weird. Also one of the most common Indian trait is not taking criticism positively… hence there is high probability that with this article…


Well, here are some of the most common Indian things that most of you can relate to or have witnessed it in your life.

1. Always running:

We are always running. Whether to catch the train or lift or eat or pee! You won’t find a typical Indian especially the one living in a metro city chilling and walking. Bhai kahan jana hai itni jaldi? No clue!

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2. Always in hurry

Another similar problem, we are always in hurry. Hurry to reach the movie theatre, hurry to eat in interval, hurry to go back home and sleep. We would even see our moms doing the running around in the house. Especially when we have some guests coming in. Well, it’s ok to take a pause and breathe once in a while because thats what makes us human!

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3. Asking for extra in everything, especially this!

Getting anything extra for free is our birthright. Especially in case of chat. No matter whether you are eating pani puri, or golgappas or puchkas, you have to ask for that extra sukha puri. Like hello, we are paying so much for this chat and we totally deserve to get the extra one.

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4. Beta Namaste karo! And the kids be like…

Well Indian parents feel that their children are their pride. They need to make sure they behave well in front of others. The most common way of mom dads reminding their kids to be nice is by saying “Beta namaste karo aunty ko”. Ha bhai, hi & hello is too mainstream. We make sure our kids follow the Bhartiya Sabhyata after all 😛 But the kids be like…

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5. Tu jaanta nahi main kaun hu?

No matter who we are, we feel we are definitely something. And at much better level the counterpart. If we want to showcase power or threat someone, this is our solace! If you are not so self established then your say should be, “Tu jaanta nahi mera Baap kaun hai” 😀

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6. Beta, shaadi kab karoge?

More than us, the whole of country is worried when we will get married. Once you enter adulthood, every single event is marked by this question till the time they witness your union with your better half!


7. Talking about sex… Hawwwwwwwwww :O

Sex is that three lettered word which should not be spoken in open forum. Well sometimes not even behind the closed doors :\ Talk about freedom of speech! We claim ourselves to be modern and educated but our principles still lie in the 18th century. Amidst all this we forget that it is imperative to educate our young citizens about sex and not treat it like a taboo.

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8. Choosing the right career path

Beta bade hokar kya banoge? The answer to this question is directly proportional to what your parents want you to become. For us doctors, engineers, MBAs, working in a government institution is best among the rest. All these are respectful careers whether you like it or not. Your own choice and interest does not matter. It’s the society and la familia which decides what is best for you. We wonder if everyone becomes a doctor and engineer where are we going to land up?


9. Home remedy for everything

We have home remedy for every single illness. Honey and Turmeric are our most reliable weapons. Before going to doctor we make sure we try a desi nuska at home. 😛

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10. Matrimony

Marriages are made in heaven but not in India. Here they are made in social gatherings, relative match making and matrimonial sites of lately since we have become very digital savvy 😛 Talk about utilising internet!

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11. Cleaners are the Gods of our lives!

Everyone is important but when it comes to house maids we go full out. One we are too lazy to do our jobs, two, if we have found someone willing to do it at a price, we will move heaven and earth for them. We literally worship them and go into depression if they take a leave for a day!

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12. Our obsession with food!

We love eating. Whether we are travelling or attending a wedding. Food is the most important part of any occasion. So much so that we look forward to it and talk about it for days to come. We even judge people basis that!


13. Showing off talent of our kids

The children are free entertainers of the house. As soon as we have guests coming in, we request or rather command our kids to show that new learnt dance step, sing a song, recite a poem, enact your favorite actor, etc. But you have to perform as you are the pride of your khandan!

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14. The Abroad experience!

We remain Indian wherever we go. The first we do when we go abroad is currency conversion for every single transaction. We just can’t help ourselves without calculating and then demeaning the rupee rate against the other currency. The second is trying to find India and Indian things. We check the makes of the products and then gasp if its made in India. We become super excited when we see an Indian food joint. We drool over movies like Swades, Purab & Paschim, Namaste London, etc. And once we come back, we start faking accent which we haven’t caught yet but hello, people need to know you have travelled abroad shabroad na 😛

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To conclude, we would say, “Hum toh aise hai bhaiya”!

There is nothing that confines us. We are who we are. We use old clothes as pochas not because we can’t buy one, we are just making optimum utilisation of available resources. We bargain like crazy. We can reuse anything in the world! And we can be outright judgemental. But somewhere we are proud to be one. The list is going to be never ending. For now, if you have more such Indian things in mind do let us know in comments below!

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