The wedding season is still on and henna designs too are changing with the change in rest of the ensemble. Here is a list of whatever happened to the classic wedding henna designs.

1. The Dulha Dulhan

The number of brides getting this one done tells us that it’s here to stay!

2. The Ganesha

What better than beginning with the Lord of all auspicious beginnings!

Source: Pinterest

3. Gods and Goddesses

The more the merrier.

Source: Bollywood Shaadis

4. The Mandala

Open up to new beginnings.

Source: Fastbest


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

5. Split Mandala

Share your openness to new beginnings.

Source: Pinterest

6. Floral

Flowers make everything look better.

Source: Youtube


Source: Pinterest

7. Geometric

When mathematicians take up mehndi-making…

8. Hearts

The world is incomplete without love, and so is your henna design.

Source: Pinterest

9. Paisley

Make it as intricate or as loud as you wish, paisley will never go out of fashion.

Source: Pinterest

10. Cuff and tips

If you have covered these, you have covered it all.


11. Lacey

Don’t reserve these beauties only for your honeymoon, begin from the wedding itself.

12. Symmetrical

If you have a penchant for symmetry, this one is for you.

13. Ornamental

Adorn more ornaments than you intend to, with this design.


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