A few of the “Best” (read: strictly male) filmmakers and actors along with producers decided to summon the PM for discussion about the film industry while he was visiting the state for a day. The meeting took place in Rajyabhavan on Tuesday and was attended by personalities like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Karan Johar, the censor board chief, Prasoon Joshi, producers like Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Ronnie Screwvala.

They were there to discuss how Bollywood is just not the biggest film industry in the world, but how it is the most profitable one as well. The delegation wanted the PM to start treating the Indian Film Industry like any other business based industry which adds on to the economy of the country. They also wanted the PM to build Mumbai as the entertainment capital of the country as it literally is the hub for everything entertainment and media. Another important topic which was discussed was the GST levied on the whole industry.

But PM Modi didn’t really meet the most talented lot, the panel lacked girl power in it! There were literally none of the female filmmakers, actors or producers present in this panel. For years the women in the film industry are making such a huge impact all around the world with some of the most amazing work that has been seen in a while. Some of them aren’t just recognised in Bollywood but are creating quite a stir globally. But Twitter wasn’t having it and a lot of users spilt some real tea. Actress, Dia Mirza was one of them who pointed out the sheer sexism.

There are a bunch of women who have literally made award-winning cinema and weren’t invited to be a part of this elite male-centric panel. Guess making critically acclaimed movies and churning out quality cinema wasn’t the criteria to be a part of this discussion or maybe it is all about having a d*ck after all. 🙂

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