Incase you are wondering what ‘holy coconut’ means, allow me to explain. A lot of my friends got married lately (which is in this month or the last) and they are pretty young like you and me. Considering I know the traditions as I, myself, have been married for almost two years now, I thought why not write this for the new ones in the club.

Respecting all the customs and traditions (even though we might be against a lot many of those) and out of respect for the elders, we attend a lot of puja gatherings and go for pilgrimages, right after being hitched. The one common thing that we come back with from these are a ton-loads of Prasad, and coconuts are on the top of the list of those. Time and again, my mom has told me, “If you are tired of eating raw coconut, make something out of it. But remember! Don’t use it in non-veg dishes, it is holy!”

Thus, started the journey of me asking my mom what all can be made out of the ‘holy coconut’ that is not your Malvani or Keralite gravy for seafood or meat. Here’s a list of what my mom taught me.

1. Coconut Barfi

The easiest and best sweet dish that can ever be made.

Source: Simmer To Slimmer

2. Kala Chana

The gravy of this dish is made by roasting coconut with a host of spices and man, it tastes so close to that of Kerala Chicken, you won’t crave non-veg for a few days.

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

3. Coconut Kheer

Made in coconut milk, this one tastes like it has been served to you right from the coasts of Konkan.

Source: Anova Culinary

4. Dry Coconut Chutney

There have been days when I have completely forgotten that I have coconut in my vegetable basket. It dries up. All I can think of making out of it is this.

Source: Bhojana Recipes

5. Sweet Coconut Rice

Make this as an alternative for your breakfast Poha.

Source: Vah Re Vah

6. Fresh Coconut Chutney

This one’s the one that goes with all your favourite South Indian Dishes.

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

7. Coconut Smoothie

Kick-start your mornings the ‘holy’ way. Use your holy coconut to make your favourite smoothies, tastier.

Source: Nutritious Life

8. Sol Kadhi

While sol kadhi goes best with seafood, you can use it as a gravy with plain rice when you can’t think of anything else to make. It tastes yummy, nevertheless. This one takes a bit of effort though it’s totally worth the taste!

Source: Bombay Howrah Dining Car

9. Coconut Laddoos

Similar to the barfi but full of condensed milk, this one’s going to be your next favourite coconut sweet-meat.

Source: Revi’s Foodography

10. Coconut Cake

Baking enthusiast? This one will not disappoint your tastebuds.

Source: King Arthur Flour

11. Coconut Ice Cream

Every food list is incomplete without the mention of ice-cream! Here’s one made out of ‘holy coconut’.

Source: YouTube

Now you know what ‘holy coconut’ is and what to make out of it. Get whipping!

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