Wedding preparation would be incomplete without a masale-daar pre wedding photo shoot. Gone are the days when couple shot the cliched Titanic pose. These days it’s all about going unconventional and coming up with unique ideas for the shoot. You may choose any location of your choice. Some photographers may agree to do an outdoor location shoot while some may prefer the city scapes. Before you plan, make sure you are choosing the right photographer. Check their portfolio and do a thorough check on the location of the shoot. You may also want to clarify the number of raw footages to be clicked and the number of pictures that will be finally edited and delivered and also the final format of the same.

To help you decide, we have sourced some of the unique ideas which we suggest you give a shot for your pre wedding shoot. Check it out:

1.The one with the pet..

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Making your fluff buddy an important part of the memory can add a touch of fun to your pics. This will also give a chance to your partner to bond with them for life. Want to see more such awww pics, check this out. Link to article (pets)

2. In the Wild

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If you are a nature lover and fond of greenery, go to the nearby forest and let nature be part of your beautiful memories. Besides, this also gives a lot of scenic beauty to capture. Just be careful to not disturb the animals or harm the trees while you click.

3. On a Yacht

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If you are a sea lover, hire a yacht and get ready to sail. Amidst the beautiful and serene blue waters, the wind will do the talking. No matter what, Titanic will always be a romantic saga!

4. Miniature photoshoots

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 If you really want something unique, miniature photography is the hot cake! The trend has recently started but make sure you get a super qualified photographer who can do justice to the pics!

5. Bollywood Style

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If you are bollywood fan why not recreate those moments again? Kyuki hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai, aur pyaar ek hi baar hota hai (not applicable to all!)! Kuch kuch hota hai Rahul, tum nahi samjoge 😛

6. The Art Lovers

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If you both love arts and graffiti this one is totally for you. Let the art come out live as you become an integral part of it.

7. Fitness Freaks!

Love to hit the gym often? Go for a pre wedding shoot while working out at the gym. Plus you have all the props in the world to show some muscle right before the wedding!

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8. UnderWater Fun

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For all the water babies, get ready to swirl with the waves. The best part you may ask? No need to get your swimsuits. Put on those tux and gowns and let the water float you while you pose. Make sure both of you are comfortable below water and know how to swim!

9. Under the stars

Let the stars witness this beautiful union of 2 souls in love. Due to lack of clarity on how it’s done, a lot of couples refrain from shooting in the night. Well if you have the right photographer and location you just need not worry. Apparently the night photographs turn to be equally beautiful as the daylight. Check it out.

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Delhi couples might find this one difficult (no offence) but you really need clear skies to capture the stars. Heading out further North might turn out to be a great idea!

10. Fairytale style

Source: kayenglishphotography

Always wanted to pose as a princess with your prince charming? Well here’s your chance to be one, and live happily ever after. Create your favorite fairytale and immortalise the romance forever!

Source: Bridal Musings

11. Intimate Style

Well, well, well, if you think you are bold enough to show your intimacy, then this one is for you! Definitely not for the soft hearted for you need to look into the eyes and show off some passion. If you are comfortable doing some PDA and give 2 hoots about the world, just go for it!

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What are you waiting for? Let your chemistry sizzle on screen and set the lens on fire!

Happy Wedding!

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