We live and breathe Bollywood. We idolize the actors we see on screen. For most kids, becoming an actor is a childhood dream. We try to act like them, reciting dialogues, doing dance moves, etc. In short, it is an integral part of our life. We get so much involved into the reel life that we start expecting such miracles in real life.

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Well that really does not happen because reality is way different. But we become so blind we forget what practicality is. Such was the case with my attachment towards SRK’s characters in the movie. Why only characters, it’s also SRK himself!

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Though not a die hard fan to be honest, I really like some of his movies. And now I realize that at every stage of dating, me and a lot of my friends looked for moments to happen or find a guy just like him.

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For majority of women in India, an ideal romantic guy is Shah Rukh Khan. Many may disagree here, especially men but that’s really their problem.

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I am not here to boast about his achievements in life (which are many btw), but I am here to complain. And I know that I am not alone in this. He has given so many women dreams of having an ideal boyfriend or lover that it has left most of them disappointed! No matter how hard you try you just cannot find a guy with the characters he has played.

Have a look!

#1. The Charming Raj of DDLJ!

Where the hell am I supposed to find a guy with those charming dimples and the one who can make my mom feel like she has found her ideal son-in-law? With those beautiful European scenes in the background and a charming hunk ready to go any mile for a girl he loves… *Sigh* Do they make such men anymore?

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#2: Aman from Kal Ho Na Ho

This guy is the one who will make you smile and feel like it’s the sun shining bright and there’s even peace in this moonlight. There’s light after every darkness. Happiness after every sorrow. He is your guiding angel, ready to hold your hand…Always! (You steal away my heart and make me cry Aman!)

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#3: Raj Mathur from Chalte Chalte

The man who will stand by me in all my times, good, bad or worse! He will travel the world for you. He will make you cry but he will be the first one to hand over a tissue and apologise. After all, what fun are relationships without any ruthna and manana? 😉

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#4: Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The man who will be your best friend and play sports with you. He is tough, competent yet loving and will move the mountains for you. A little late comer when it comes to realizing the feelings but then such is life.

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#5: Raj from Dilwale

The one for whom my happiness is everything. The man who will do anything for me! Anything!!! For him if he loves you, he will go to any limits to protect you and cherish you. Raj in this movie not only loved Meera but his half brother Veer. And with the  guy who is so loyal to his family imagine what he could do for a woman he loves?


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#6: Dr. Jehangir Khan from Dear Zindagi

The very own personal therapist! A guy who will listen to you patiently and try to understand what you are going through. Someone who respects your feelings and will guide you towards the right path.

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#7:Om from Om Shanti Om

The one who won’t let you go, no matter what! He is the one who will fight for you and protect you till his last breath. And even in his next life! A humble soul with a pure heart, definitely a rare find!

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#8: Samar from Jab Tak Hai Jaan

The man who will sweep me off my feet! He is the one for whom your happiness matters the most. Will do anything to make you smile. He will keep trying till he succeeds!

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#9: Mohan from Swades

The patriotic one. The one with a great sense of humor and wit! He is the one who is practical yet emotional and grounded. He knows his shit so you dare not provoke him.

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#10. Sunil from Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

The innocent one. He is so kind hearted, loving and naive that he won’t think about himself but he will be always ready to lay down the red carpet for his girl. He is the guy next door and the one who will never lose hope.

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#11. Rahul from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

The one who believes in honesty and stands up for what is right. He will never judge you but rather accept you the way you are and what you are. The protector and the backbone of the family. He is the one who will move the mountains for what is right!

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Well, I don’t know if we are going to find anyone like these characters. Let’s just accept it and move on. 🙁 If not anything, we at least have these SRK movies to go back to 😉

While I go back to my sobbing over finding a perfect man, you go and keep your hunt on. You never know kyunki picture abhi bhi baaki hai mere dost 😉

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