In love with biryani but bored of ordering chicken tikka biryani every day? Welcome to biryani heaven! Here’s serving you biryani from all over the country and the neighbouring ones too.

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

When the chicken is cooked in green gravy and garam masala and layered with flavoured rice, this biryani wonder is born.

Source: HungryForever

2. Awadhi Biryani

This biryani comes from the land of the nawabs who used to believe that taste doesn’t always come from the spices, hence this biryani is milder than its other counterparts.

Source: Hungry Forever

3.  Kolkata Biryani

When the nawabs were exiled to Kolkata in the late 1800’s, they took their chefs along with them. Due to scarcity of meat, potatoes and eggs were added to the biryani along with rose and saffron to enhance the taste. To this day, the same ritual is followed when preparing the Kolkata biryani.

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4. Malabar / Thalassery Biriyani

Not only is this biryani cooked differently, it is spelled differently as well. However, none of it matters when you bite into this unique preparation made not only of chicken but also all your favourite, rich dry fruits.

Source: The Great Indian Food Trip

5. Afghani Biryani

If you bite into something that’s not too colourful, high on saffron and loaded with dry fruits, you are having this delicacy that’s come straight from the lands of Afghanistan.

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6. Bombay Biryani

You know you are eating Bombay Biryani when there is a thick layer of ghee / oil on your fingers and huge amounts of caramalised onions in your mouth.

Source: Bendy’s Kitchen

7. Sindhi Biryani

Known to be cooked in generous amounts of curd and tomatoes and having succulent meat and perfectly cooked rice, this biryani is famous in Sindh (now in Pakistan) and Karachi.

Source: Faasos

8. Bhatkali Biryani

A biryani which is similar to the Malabar biryani, this one uses no oil to cook! It has an oniony after taste and loads of spices, giving it a heady flavour.

Source: The Great Indian Food Trip

9. Kutchi Biryani

This is more of a pulao than biryani as the meat and rice are cooked together instead of being layered. Less or no colouring is added to the biryani, allowing it to take the colours from its spices and flavourimg.

Source: Wirally

10. Ambur Biryani

This Biryani is the embodiment of all your biryani dreams come true. It is light to the stomach, has more meat to rice ratio and comes with not just raita but a sour curry that helps you bite it down with ease.

Source: NewIndianExpress

Which one of these have you tried or are willing to try next?

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