Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. It is a universal fact and we all know it. But yet we fail to understand our partner most of the time. When it comes to men, they are less expressive and talkative as compared to women. This might not be true in some cases but in majority most of men you would know don’t express freely.

That does not mean they are heartless or less interested in you. It’s just the way they are made. Take it or leave it. We would rather suggest you take it because leaving it would be running away from it. While men can be stubborn and egoistic, they do have capacity to love and feel emotions. If you like someone or are in a relationship, you would need assurance that he is really into you and likes you genuinely.

Waiting for men to confess or express their love?

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Of course we don’t want to die waiting for this to happen, hence, we think why not understand the secret and discreet signs that he has been giving. Maybe understanding these will help you to know your man better.


Sign no. 1 : Happy mood around you?

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If he likes you he will be flashing his 32 teeth and always sound happy go-lucky when he is with you. Men are comfortable with women who make them happy and comfortable. We all want to be with someone who can bring in joy and smiles in our monotonous life. So if he is all smiles with you around, you have already got him!

Sign no. 2 : Texting and Meetings

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If you like someone, you crave for their company. If he is always texting you or spares time to meet you, you have got him there. If he ensures he removes time from his busy schedule just to meet you or text you, well girl you are lucky!


Sign no. 3 : Loves to hear you talk

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All women want good listeners. Women love to talk! But it takes hell lot of patience for men to listen to their women and not give any advice in return. If he is all ears to your happy and sad times, he is definitely into you.

Sign no. 4 : Compromise

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Well we already know that men are stubborn. They resist change. But if he is ready to compromise for you on any grounds mutually, then it proves he likes you a lot. Most men refrain from compromising on any part whatsoever. If he is willing to make some compromises just for you and leaves his stubbornness aside then don’t let him go!


Sign no. 5 : Being yourself

Be yourself
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If you can just be yourself with him without him judging you then he is a keeper! It is very important to be yourself and show what we are instead of leading a fake life just to make the opposite person happy. We usually be our self when we know we are not being judged and being loved for what we are and not for what we can be.


Sign no. 6 : Eye contact

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The most important thing is eye contact while doing a conversation or discussion. If he looks into your eyes while talking, he definitely likes you. People who don’t like you will look around and fidget but not look into your eyes directly.


Sign no. 7 : Persistent

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If he does not give up on you for anything whatsoever, he likes you. Men do not put extra efforts or give up when they don’t really care. If he wants to be with you he will be persistent and keep on trying. He definitely wants to be with you and you are not just one of the every other opportunity for him.

Sign no. 8 : He talks and remembers!

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He will share his heart out to you. Though there might be some who are introvert and take time to express but he does come around. He will remember all the minute details you have told him. He will want your opinions and thoughts on his dreams and goals.

Sign no. 9 : Shares his weakness

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If he likes you he won’t shy away from telling you what he lacks or his weakness is. He trusts you with this information and knows that you won’t judge him. Usually men do not like to accept their weakness, forget about talking on it. But if he is telling you all this then he into you.

Sign no.10 : Taking interest

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If he tries to understand and be part of things you like, he likes you. He will adapt to things and interests you like to pursue. The best part is you will enjoy more pursuing your interest with him.

For any relation to work it is necessary to communicate. If he talks to you and is concerned then he definitely cares and want to be with you. Don’t let him go 😉

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