While we have seen some of the reasons why men dump women, it’s now time to explore the other side of the coin. Although no relationship is perfect and there is no Cinderella here or Prince Charming with a castle (though how we wish it was there), we are going to look at some hindrances which might be the reasons why you are probably single or end up being dumped by your other half.

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The ground rules of course remain same for both the gender. The basic thing to remember is that both men and women are different species. Expecting your other half to think, behave, react and say things like you is pure stupidity and it’s not going to help. We might as well accept the basics and move on happily instead of trying to fix things and people. So if you have been ever  dumped by your female counterpart (almost all of you have been once unless you are a brahmachaari) here are X possible reasons why she dumped you. It is highly possible you might not be even aware about this because women say something and mean something completely else, so that’s ok. Have a look and try to reflect on your actions in the past, you might find your answers.

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Reason no. 1 You don’t listen

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Women love to talk. It can be bullshit talks but they just love to blabber. And all that is expected of you is to lend your ears! If she is talking to you (you might not be interested in the topic because it is not about gaming) and if she feels you are not listening, you have lost lots of points my dear friend. While you listen and show you understand what she is saying it indirectly signals to her that you care and you are there for her always. It is also important to nod once in awhile, make some hmmm hmmm sounds, say words like I agree, Yes, of course, You are right, etc. at certain intervals to assure her that you are not on auto pilot mode!

Reason no. 2 You don’t look at her enough

Eye contact BRO! If you don’t look at her enough or notice her minor things she will know you are fooling around and you will end up in dumpyard! Women love to be noticed. They might not accept this on face but they do.Also while talking or having a conversation look at her face. Make eye contact. You should not keep staring like an idiot but it is necessary to show her that you are paying attention. Take some time to move your head from the mobile and laptop screen. Though we all are too much digitally sound these days and our life revolves around social media and on the web, it is necessary to spare sometime and add a personal touch to the conversation. If she is upset and talking, look at her and maybe in a middle of a conversation slip in a compliment or something new that she has done on her face. There is extremely high probability she will smile and maybe even forget for awhile that she was actually upset 😉

Reason no. 3 You don’t give her time

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All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. It is true. We digitally savvy people forget that we do have a life and we live just once. Though work is important, it is also necessary to give some time to your loved one. If you are always busy and spare no time for her, she will feel the distance and eventually find solitude with someone else or maybe no one but definitely she won’t stay with you.

Reason no. 4 You are available as per your convenience

If she loves you truly, she might be there for you whenever you ask for. But eventually with passing time if she realises that you are taking her for granted and do not value her feeling, she will be out of your league soon. It is necessary for the woman to know that you are active and equally part of the relationship. Though it has been a system where men go out to work and get the bread, that’s changed now, she’s working too and yet makes time for you. So, sparing some time for her out of your busy schedule should be on your priority list. Surprise visits are a bonus!

Reason no. 5 You advice a lot

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While you are expected to listen intently, you should refrain from giving advice on every issue she discusses.It is definitely complicated. And we sympathise that it will be too much effort on your part to not open your mouth to give away free ka gyaan, but this is what is going to help you in the long run. Women hate being told what to do and how. Though they love you paying attention and showing that you care, in most of the situations they expect you to just listen and acknowledge. Do not share the advice unless asked for.

Reason no. 6 Criticising her for every minor thing… Especially in front of others!

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They want you to observe her and notice the change but criticism in every single thing especially in front of others is totally not acceptable! Women do bother a lot and have soft corner for their self respect. If you do have some special thoughts, ensure that it is conveyed subtly. A wrong sentence or word may ruin your relationship.

Reason no. 7 You are narcissist

Self love is important but it should not be an obsession. If you keep praising yourself day in and out irrespective of what you did and how, it’s absolutely uncool. Even worse when you are trying to demean your partner. Self praise is good for self motivation but if overdone makes one look arrogant. It could complicate things more if you only keep talking about yourself. Give fair chance to others to compliment you and praise you for your achievements. The more humble you are, the more respect you will gain from your partner.

Reason no. 8 You lie and hide

Women are born with lie detector machines inbuilt in their system. They know when you try to hide things and this just adds fuel to the fire. We do understand it is necessary to lie sometimes to not hurt other person’s sentiments, but making it a habit and cheating on someone is a total turn off. It’s best to be transparent enough and trust your partner with the truth.

Reason no. 9 You don’t clean up

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You love to live in together or spend time but don’t like to lend a hand in cleaning up. You are expected to do basic clean up and maintain the hygiene. Even lending a helping hand should suffice. It’s insulting and annoying to leave the plates in the sink and leave the house in a mess once you are done spending leisure time.

Reason no. 10 You leave the toilet seat up

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Last but not the least, this is what you do every single time even after being corrected 10 times! It might sound totally irrelevant to men but it does matter to women. How you clean up and leave the toilet shows a lot about your character and hygiene. It’s not really very difficult to pee in the pot directly without spraying your stuff around. If you are being corrected multiple times and you don’t show signs of improvement, you are giving a sign that you don’t care and are stubborn enough! A piece of advice, it takes 2 seconds to do the required, your relationship is worth more than this.

Though the reasons might be many and it’s not practically possible to cover them all, we have tried to sum up some which we feel are important. If you have been dumped don’t lose heart, there is always a next time and something better round the corner 😉

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Reflect on these few points again so that you may find some answers and don’t get dumped again by someone who might be the right one for you! Let us know in comments below if you feel there are other reasons why you or your friend has been dumped before.

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