We use WhatsApp on a daily basis and more often than not type weird things in the haste of replying to chats or simply trying to make a conversation interesting. Either this, or the in-built dictionary itself makes us achieve our goal. To err is human, they say, but here, it is technology. Here’s a few WhatsApp chats that might have started boring but ended up being interesting, thanks to auto-correct.

1. What kind of activities are those?

2. Didn’t know those could talk!

3. Punching, munching and lunching

4. Well, to each his own

5. Weekday highs

6. Err…

7. This artsy conversation

8. Boo* lovers unite

9. Innocent conversations

10. Order copy online now

Which silly, real autocorrect mistakes have you made? Comment below. Do give a thumbs up on Facebook to get more such fun!

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