Tattoos are intriguing! They make us wonder the story behind it. Each means something to the person who adorns it on their body with pride. Various emotions and thoughts go behind each one and the end result is a gorgeous design or script which stays forever. Some prefer getting huge detailed ones while there are people like me who believe in minimalism. DopeWope brings to you a list of gorgeously minimalist tattoos that can inspire you to get inked!

1. A firm believer of your stars? Get your sun sign inked in the most artistic way!


Or opt for a little stardust and shine!


2. Are you a globetrotter at heart just like us? We have the perfect inks for you.


3. A little floral pattern on the ribcage or the neck looks uber pretty and dainty

4. Get the initials of the person you love.


5. Get a cutesy dog paw imprint if you are fond of pooches as much as we are


6. Activate the Chi within you with the Zen symbol.


7. Minimalist geometrical designs look unconventional and pretty.

8. Have a quote or a word which keeps you positive and going? Get it inked in a classy fluid font!


9. Get an ink of a special date in Roman numerical and you wouldn’t be disappointed

Roman Numericals

10. Plain lines and it can’t get more minimal than this.


All set to get inked? Comment to tell us of your favourite minimalist tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest



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