The internet is a great place to waste your time and one of the better ways to do this is Youtube. Whether you want something informative and useful or just want to laugh hysterically, Youtube has something for you. So without further ado, let’s go down the rabbit hole and have a look at ten great Youtube channels you probably haven’t subscribed to.

1. You Suck At Cooking

Cooking shows on youtube aren’t anything new, but this channel adds a little something extra to the proceedings. That something is utter insanity.The presentation of every episode of this show defies all expectation. For example, the episode entitled “Sandwich of Justice,” turns the making of a breakfast sandwich into a three-part hard-boiled cop drama about egg policemen. (Hardboiled, get it?) You Suck At Cooking is the absurdly hilarious cooking show you never knew you wanted. The side-splitting commentary from the mystery narrator will keep you entertained while you learn to cook.

Sandwich of Justice

Subscribe if: You like enactments of eggs being horrifically murdered in your cooking shows.

2. The School of Life

The modern world can be an isolating place where it can be difficult to find a girlfriend. The free time we have because of this allows us to ponder the big questions in life. How to find fulfilling work? Who owns the future? How can we achieve tranquility? The School of Life offers ideas for everyday living in an attempt to provide answers to these questions and helps develop emotional wellbeing. It probably won’t help you get a girlfriend, though.

How to Be Confident

Subscribe if: You always wanted a degree in Philosophy, but your dad made you do engineering.

3. The Modern Rogue

Self-described professional idiots, Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy, perform field tests and provide instructions for all manner of useful things. From maintaining multiple aliases to improvised weaponry, these guys test it all out. If you want to be the Jason Bourne of your circle, or just like the idea of seeing two grown men attack each other with stun guns and nunchucks, this is for you. As a bonus this channel provides tips that every distinguished gentleman should know, such as understanding cigars and mixing cocktails.

How to Open a Butterfly Knife

Subscribe if: You fancy the idea of being a sort of modern James Bond (minus the misogyny).

4. The Nerdwriter

“A video series that aims to cultivate a worldview: a particular philosophy of life, and a commitment to the well-rounded, intellectual individual.”

The video essay, a creative form of analysis or investigation of a particular issue, typically through the use of narration, images, sound, and video clips, has been steadily growing in popularity on Youtube over the past few years. The audio-visual essay is considered to be the inevitable evolution of its textual counterpart and has become a means for fans of various aspects of pop culture to create testimonials extolling their virtues or just talk smack about DC movies. One such video essayist is Evan Puschak, or as he is known on Youtube, The Nerdwriter. However, unlike many of his contemporaries, Evan is a smart one. He covers topics that range from pop culture, philosophy, even finance and science.

Mr. Bean is Master of Physical Comedy

How Stories Control our Economic Reality

Subscribe if: Youtube is your substitute for an actual college education.

5. The Slo Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys are Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, two talented and inventive Brits who’ve been coming up with incredibly original and fascinating experiments they capture in incredible detail with high-speed cameras.

Glass Explosion at 343,000FPS!

Subscribe if: Watching a rainbow-coloured explosion in slow-motion sounds awesome to you.

6. ScrewAttack

Ever wondered who would win if Goku or Superman were pitted against each other in a fight? The guys over at ScrewAttack compare the weapons, armour and skills of your favourite characters from movies, TV, comics, and video games and have them fight to the death in animated Death Battles.

Goku vs Superman

Subscribe if: You want to see Deadpool fight Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony.

7.Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Our planet is smaller than a tiny grain of sand on the beach that is our incomprehensibly large universe. It stands to reason that there is other intelligent life. If this is true then where are all the aliens? What is String Theory? Is homeopathy just a bunch of nonsense? If you would like the answers to these questions and many more, this is the channel for you. Impossible to pronounce name aside, these guys make science truly beautiful with their well-animated and informative videos.

Quantum Computers Explained

Subscribe if: You take pride in your nerd status

8. Blank on Blank

Lost interview tapes from famous names set to some great animation. In the early 2000s, David Gerlach was a print journalist, writing for magazines and working at Newsweek. He, like most of his colleagues, would record interviews while reporting a story. A few lines from the interview would make it into print and then the tape — or minidisc or digital file — would be stashed and largely forgotten. No one ever heard these remarkable conversations. Blank on Blank have remixed these remnants of the past into beautiful works of art that provide perspectives from cultural icons of politics and pop culture.

Kurt Cobain on Identity

Subscribe if: You want different points of view from great minds and iconic figures.

9. Cassetteboy

Cassette boy is a master of splicing together audio and video for comedy. He uses his particular set of skills to attack popular British TV and radio shows. Although a lot of his content is geared toward a British audience, most of it can be appreciated by anyone. Due to the labour-intense process of the creation of his videos, updates can take a very long time. They are worth the wait, though.

Cassetteboy vs. Jamie Oliver

Subscribe if: You want some stupid fun.

10. CinemaWins

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time on Youtube, chances are you’ve heard of the channel CinemaSins and their series “Everything Wrong With” which counts the “sins” of big blockbusters and rips them a new one for the purposes of comedy. CinemaWins takes the formula and does the exact opposite, counting the awesome moments, the “wins”.

“Because liking things is more fun than not liking things. Sometimes the critics are wrong. Some movies, while full of plot holes, continuity errors, and bad acting have plenty of wins.”

I don’t know how the guy who runs the channel got to be so optimistic. Maybe his dad paid attention to him when he was younger or something, but especially on the internet, where you’re always a few keystrokes away from an all-out flame war, this kind of positive outlook is, dare I say, refreshing.

Everything Great About Deadpool

Subscribe if: You are a movie-loving optimist.

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