You might have had bheja fry and ox tongue, but have you tried these weird and unique foods that are being had in some nook or cranny of your own country?

1. Frog Legs

A well-known delicacy in Sikkim and some part of Goa, this dish is made out of the thick, juicy legs of the bullfrog, which is now an endangered species and alas! This dish is slowly being striked off the menu.

2. Fish Eggs

This isn’t your fancy-ass caviar that you get served in the fancy-ass restaurants. This is the real deal! It is as good as the fish’s entire reproductive system, best found in the markets of West Bengal and East India.

3. Pork Sorpotel

Even though most of Goa enjoys this delicacy wholeheartedly, the word ‘sorpotel’ loosely translates to ‘waste organs’. Now you know why this makes it to the list!

4. Buffalo Spleen

One word: Yuck.

5. Silk Worms

Well, we could give it to Assam and most of East India to be this experimentative and brave with food.

6. Dog Meat

Yes, we all know and understand that dogs are a man’s best friend. But the tribes of Nagaland think that best friends are of no use if they don’t sacrifice their lives to feed you when the times arrives. (JK)

7. Black Rice

The East of India a=has done it once again and we are not surprised! Odisha and Manipur are known for believing in the nutritional benefits of this beautifully coloured rice.

8. Red Ant Chutney

God have mercy! What are these people having at Chattisgarh? They say these ant species are specially harvested for the taste that they impart to the very well-pungent chutney. They might need ant-acid to digest it later. 😉

9. Benami Kheer

The North Indians are not too far apart from their Eastern counterparts. They prove that their cooking skills are a notch higher by introducing the Benami Kheer AKA Garlic Kheer. Wondering hoe many villages were rid of their vampires after smelling this awful dish.

10. Haldi Ka Halwa (Turmeric Pudding)

While this doesn’t look or seem too horrible, it definitely might  be packing a punch when it comes to its taste. This turmeric pudding too is a boon of the Northern part of India and its second bizarre contribution to this epic list.

Which ones have you tried or are willing to (we dare you) try on your next trip to any of the locations of their origins?

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